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Antwerp’s Surrealist Underground

Elko Blijweert

Elko B. by Danny Willems

“Last night I had a dream,” says Antwerp producer and restaurateur Roman Hiele, squinting into the February sun. “We were all playing hide and seek. All the people that make music in Antwerp were trying to hide from each other.” We’re sitting in the square in front of Table Dance, the fine-dining snack bar and music venue Hiele runs with his partner Michelle Woods. The plaza used to be the center of Antwerp’s now gentrified red-light district, and Table Dance has become a focal point for the scene. “It can feel like Groundhog Day,” says fellow producer Milan W. “In the last two months, I have been to this club, Forbidden City, every Friday.” “At this point, I don’t even say goodbye anymore, because I run into everyone 12 hours later,” adds Hiele. “That’s probably why I had that dream!” 

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