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Diving into Miami’s Doom and Sludge Sound

Miami-metal-by-noopor-choksi-1244When people think of Miami, they might think of paradise: a postcard-perfect city synonymous with year-round warmth, beautiful beaches, sun-baked Art Deco buildings, and towering palm trees. And yet, deep within this blissful, balmy setting lies an unlikely—and surprisingly strong—undercurrent, one that’s rushing in the opposite direction. We’ve explored the wider Miami underground before, but here, we focus on Miami’s sludge-doom scene: a small, devoted circle of bands who inject the genre’s rugged, low-and-slow approach with Caribbean grooves and unkempt energy.  Continue reading

Sweat Records Records & Dracula: Miami’s Music Scene Takes A New Plunge


Since 2005, Sweat Records has been a Miami music community staple: a place to shop, to consign, to have coffee, to see shows, and to make friends. I lived in Miami from the end of 2014 until midway through 2016, spending many hours downing furiously strong cold brew from local coffee chain Panther Coffee, and connecting with like-minded individuals who became dear friends. For figuring out what all Miami had to offer to an underground music fanatic like myself, Sweat was an indispensable tool, as it has for so many others. Its appearance in many Miami travel guides has been helpful to both new residents and visitors. Continue reading

Beneath the Glitter: Miami’s Dynamic DIY Underground

Human Fluid Rot

Photos by Monica McGivern

Miami is in love with its own mythology, and rightfully so. The city is home to many icons of the late 20th century: Gloria Estefan, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Sidney Poitier. Much is made of Miami’s glamour and beauty; there are few places on Earth where you can see dolphins cresting the neighboring water as you run down a four-lane urban street lined with palm trees, ‘50s art deco buildings, and skyscrapers. But like any metropolis, Miami has its shadows—the gap between the haves and the have-nots is wide. Given the city’s fondness for public displays of wealth—spend any amount of time on South Beach and you’ll be shocked—it may come as a surprise that, according to the last U.S. Census Bureau report (September 2017), the median household income in Miami in 2016 was almost $28K less than the national average. All that tension has to go somewhere; some folks water it down with drugs, others at 24/7 nightclubs like E11even, others with displays of wealth they can’t afford. Then, there are those who choose to make noise.

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Terminal Consumption: The Best Punk on Bandcamp, February 2017

Terminal Consumption

A narrow staircase descends two stories below 16th & Mission Streets in San Francisco. Behind an airtight door is a room that was once a small, subterranean meat-locker. That’s where, in 2009, post-punk trio Rank/Xerox recorded their side of a split tape with Grass Widow, who also rehearsed in the former freezer. The result of the recording session, a first for the just-formed band, still sounds like a violent underground convulsion.

The five songs lash and throb, with rigid grooves and cutting lyrical shards about crushing anxiety and dispassionate cruelty. Those songs now appear alongside tracks from the group’s self-titled 2009 EP on the cassette compilation, Mass Transit, which was released on the same day in January as M.Y.T.H., the group’s first new record since an eponymous full-length in 2011.

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