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How Isolation Fueled Angel Deradoorian’s Meditative New Record

Angel Deradoorian

Photo by Camilo Fuentealba.

Just as Angel Deradoorian was preparing to release her debut solo LP—2015’s The Expanding Flower Planet—she retreated to Big Sur, California to start thinking about her next record. The New York-based vocalist and multi-instrumentalist had finished Flower Planet a year earlier, but it took some time to secure a label to give it a proper release. By the time she inked a deal with Anticon, Deradoorian had already begun looking for new sounds and entertaining new philosophies for her follow-up. Eternal Recurrence is a sharp detour from Flower Planet’s warped, psychedelic pop, trading bouncy drums for droning synths, hauntingly introspective vocals, and lyrics that wrestle with love, pain, isolation, and wonder.

It’s also rooted in deep loneliness. “Being that alone, I was starting to lose an association with my body, where I felt like there was nothing really around me,” Deradoorian explains over drinks at The Lot Radio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. “I wasn’t really touching other people, interacting with other people, so I was very much in my mind. In that sense, it took me out of my physical reality.”

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Music for Relaxation: A Meditation Journey


Nicole Ginelli

This was supposed to be one of those eight-hour nights of sleep. You were in bed by 10pm, but now, as you reach for your phone for the third time, the device stoically informs you that it’s 12:46am. Maybe you flick open a popular meditation app (it rhymes with deadspace) and wait for the man with the ever-so-slightly British (or is it Australian?) accent to talk to you off the ledge. But this time, he’s not helping; neither is your brain, which continuously presents you with items to add to your daily to-do list, offering worst-case scenarios for the stressful day that’s now just a few hours away.

Sound familiar? In this era of non-stop connectivity, the constant barrage of information is nearly impossible to tune out. Your phone, which is likely the culprit of your anxiety, is, in a cruel twist of fate, also your alarm clock. We have become a well-connected society of masochists who are unable to relax.

There’s no choice, then, but to turn to the experts: The composers and musicians in the business of making music specifically designed to help you disconnect, unplug and, eventually, calm down. These are the people who have found enough peace that they can share it with others. They make spoken-word guided meditations, 30-minute ambient tracks, songs with Tibetan singing bowls, meditation for aligning energy, sleep aids—the list goes on. After spending a few weeks rooting around in the meditation tags on Bandcamp, I’ve discovered that there truly is a path to peace for everyone.

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