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Album of the Day: Mark de Clive-Lowe, “Heritage II”

On this companion to Heritage, which was released in February, keyboardist Mark de Clive-Lowe further explores the Japanese side of his dual Japanese-New Zealander identity, drawing on the sound of traditional music from the region to flesh out his vibrant jazz compositions. On Heritage II, he harnesses a live band sound and tackles multiple roles himself, handling synths, programming, and “live remixing.”

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Charting the Evolution of West London’s Broken Beat Sound

Broken Beat

Mark de Clive-Lowe


Born in West London in the mid- to late- ‘90s, broken beat (aka bruk) is having something of a renaissance lately. Through labels like 22a, Eglo, and Rhythm Section, a new generation is being introduced to the music’s syncopated rhythms and shifting time signatures. And with pioneers of the original movement working with new producers through the Selectors Assemble collective, the sound of bruk continues to evolve.

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The Best New Jazz on Bandcamp: February 2017

Best New Jazz - March

Illustration by Clay Hickson

This month: music inspired by Indonesian Gamelan Orchestras, chamber jazz led by tuba, old-school compositions given new life in the present day, music made in the spirit of protest, music made in the spirit of joy, music from down South and music that’s at home in outer space. All of it is continued proof of the expansiveness of modern jazz.

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