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2017: The Year in Photos


A look back at our favorite photos of the year.

Bandcamp is home to amazing musicians all over the world, so it’s only natural that we’d want Bandcamp Daily to feature independent photographers who also have unique and exciting perspectives. The process behind a photoshoot with an artist often requires multiple coordinated efforts, and can take place under stressful conditions, with tight time limits. It’s a credit to our photographers that none of these pressures are evident in their final resonate images. It’s always our goal with our original photography to elevate the message of the musicians we profile, and to allow for a meaningful collaboration between talented musicians and photographers. We reached out to some of the photographers we worked with over the course of the past year and asked them to share their behind-the-scenes thoughts and secrets. These are our favorite photoshoots of the year.

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The Best New Soul on Bandcamp: September 2017

New Soul

Davie. Illustration by Gabriel Alcala.

If it’s true that September is the new January, and that the changing of the seasons is the fresh start we all need to give our failed New Year’s resolutions one last try, then this roster of new releases will provide the perfect boost to get the rejuvenation started right. From politics to partying, all of these new releases are about waking up, realizing the dream, and seizing the day. Listen for as long (one of which has 17 tracks) or as short (another has five) as you’d like—these albums will only stimulate your perspective.

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Maimouna Youssef’s Regal R&B Bridges the Gap Between Partying and Purpose


Photos by Farrah Skeiky

There are two types of people on social media: those who think we can solve the world’s problems one tweet at a time, and those who want you to chill because it’s not that serious.

On Vintage Babies, a new collaborative album and group with producer DJ Dummy, Baltimore singer, rapper, songwriter and musical healer Maimouna Youssef is out to build a bridge between those two parties: those who are down for the movement, and those who want to turn up.

“There’s this idea that if you want to be woke, you can’t party,” Youssef explains. “There’s always one group saying, ‘We ‘bout to party and bullshit!’ and another saying, ‘We ‘bout to science and math!’ Why can’t we party and think?”

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