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Terminal Consumption: The Best Punk on Bandcamp, November 2017


In this installment of Terminal Consumption, our monthly reviews column focused on the margins of punk and hardcore, Sam Lefebvre writes about the posthumous records of the Australian fanzine publisher and musician Brendon Annesley, plus the latest 12” by Lumpy & the Dumpers and tapes by newcomers Ecstasy and Petite. Continue reading

The Best Albums of 2016 So Far

best of 2016 so far

  A one-stop guide for catching up on the best releases of 2016 to date.

Every year brings with it more music than any one person can possibly consume. Even if you stopped sleeping and eating and did nothing but listen to music all day, every day, you’d only be able to get through roughly 13,000 albums in a year. Given that, we’ve decided to make your search for your next favorite record a little easier. These are the records released so far this year that we just can’t stop playing.

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