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This Week’s Essential Releases: Jazz-Metal, Hip-Hop, Indie Pop and More

7 essential

Welcome to Seven Essential Releases, our weekly roundup of the best music on Bandcamp. Each week, we’ll recommend six new albums that were released between last Friday and this Friday, plus pick an older LP from the stacks that you may have missed.

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Biggest Ups: Over 40 Artists Share Their Favorite Albums of 2017


Bandcamp artists pick their favorite albums of the year.

One of the features on Bandcamp Daily that generates the greatest amount of enthusiasm is Big Ups. The concept is simple: we ask artists who used Bandcamp to recommend their favorite Bandcamp discoveries. So, in honor of our Best of 2017 coverage, we decided to take Big Ups and super-size it. Here, more than 40 artists to tell us their favorite albums of the year.

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The Best Hip-Hop on Bandcamp: November 2017

best hip hop

This month’s essential hip-hop picks star projects that weave in political commentary and personal reflection—although from a production point of view, the selection is as varied as ever, with proud boom-bap statements of intent nestling next to electronic excursions from the left-field, not to mention a smattering of psych-rock-sampled beats. The vault is also honored to include an update of a Prince Paul project that the maverick producer felt was in need of a modern revamp.

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The Best Beat Tapes on Bandcamp


Scroll to the bottom of Bandcamp.com; click on the ‘hip-hop/rap’ tag, then on the ‘beat-tape’ tag. Wade through and see what’s there. Pretty daunting, right? The list you’re about to read is the result of painstaking research from Bandcamp Daily contributors, who took extra steps to find new producers doing amazing things with their music. This isn’t a list of the usual suspects; rather, we wanted to dig deeper to find composers who need a closer look. Without further adieu, here are some of the very best beat tapes on Bandcamp.

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How Hearing Loss Helped L’Orange Refocus His Career

L’Orange by Seiji Inouye
L’Orange. Photo by Seiji Inouye.

How does a musician still create when their ability to hear is impaired? Nashville producer L’Orange is finding out. Over the past year, he’s undergone two major ear surgeries to remove a benign tumor doctors found in his right ear, which has slowly cost him his hearing. “It’s been something I’ve lived with for a long time,” he says. “Unfortunately, [the tumor] returned a few times. So, my surgery this year was me giving up on the idea of rebuilding my ear and, instead, letting it collapse to prevent it from being threatening in the future.”

It would be natural for L’Orange, someone who depends on his ears to make a living, to be frustrated with his circumstance. Instead, he’s calm and reflective. “It’s been ups and downs,” he says. “Since this new surgery is what’s called an ‘Ear Wall Down’ surgery, it means that my hearing is unlikely to ever return. That sounds more grim than it is for me, though. I haven’t been able to hear well in that ear my whole career.”

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Good Times Are Coming: The Essential Guide to Jeremiah Jae

Jeremiah Jae
Jeremiah Jae. Photo by Cosmo

Jeremiah Jae’s music is unapologetically hazy. He blankets nearly every track with healthy clouds of weed smoke, giving listeners contact highs on each song. Yet despite the premise, Jae’s music is never lazy, repetitive or sloppy. It’s singular and atmospheric.

It doesn’t take long to recognize Jae’s flow. He rhymes with a dead-eyed gaze that’s equally monotone, gripping and clear. But it’s more than just the Chicago native’s voice that grabs you; dude can piece together some rather stunning instrumentals, too. The son of a jazz musician, he’s able to play drums, guitar and piano. And while many of his beats are based on well-curated samples, there’s a clear musicianship, even if he’s looping chops to add texture to his work. Jae pulls from jazz’s weirder moments and his rhymes are full of off-color humor.

Given all this, it makes sense that he’s a member of Flying Lotus’ illustrious Brainfeeder crew, has released music via Warp Records, and collaborates with cats as varied as Lord RAJA, Run The Jewels, and Mount Kimbie. Jae has released a ton of material in a variety of formats since his 2008 debut. Here’s a roundup of Jae’s most essential work.

If you’re feeling these projects, be sure to check out his recent JP Moregun mixtape with fellow Brainfeeder artist PBDY, in addition to Holy Smoke, his upcoming release with the equally blunted Zeroh.

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