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The Glorious Mixes of Late Night Tales

late night tales

Returning home late from a club or a night out can often lead to indecision over what music should be played during the wee after-hours. There are those who still wish for the party to continue and are in need of uplifting and up-tempo music, while others may want to wind down and crave soothing tunes to carry them through to sleep. Then there are those who sit somewhere in between with varying—and often intoxicated—energy levels present, making a consensus a difficult prospect. Continue reading

A Massive Survey of Crate-Digging Comps that Celebrate the Art of DJing


When Amsterdam’s Dekmantel collective decided to launch a new label last year, they came up with a simple concept: they created a series called Selectors, a line of compilations that sound as deeply personal as the felt-tipped CD-Rs many of us made for our closest friends in the pre-iPod era.

“At this point, nearly everyone on the planet has at least a vague idea of what a DJ is,” writes co-founder Casper Tielrooij. “A selector though…that’s a trickier proposition. Aside from the term’s obvious roots in Jamaican dub and reggae culture, the modern-day selector is someone whose skill set extends well beyond basic beat-matching and simply playing one track after another.”

“For me, [DJing] was always a selecting kind of thing,” adds Young Marco, the heady house producer responsible for Selectors 002. “Sometimes you go into this kind of trance and the records just come to you; you’re just guided by the energy of the people and the party and it doesn’t matter anymore if you make a sloppy mix.”

One thing does matter, though: the songs themselves. Whether they’re stored on a memory stick or stuffed into a bag, the A-sides and albums at the disposal of today’s most adventurous and selective DJs are what sets their music apart from the pack.

“I’ve always been interested in non-dance music,” explains Optimo Music founder Keith McIvor (aka the genre-jumping JD Twitch), “and particularly in how to put a series of tracks together purely for listening. Sequencing songs is in many ways as much of a skill as mixing them.”

Minimal Wave founder Veronica Vasicka feels the same way. Whether she’s reissuing a rare synth-pop record or curating a cassette, the process is as important as the product itself. “When choosing records for a club,” she says, “I’m thinking about what will make people move. When putting a compilation together, it’s way more personal. It’s about making something enjoyable to look at and listen to.”

The albums in this list adhere to that very idea: compilations that are the equivalent of seeing a DJ’s painstakingly sourced and highly coveted record collection. From mad-for-it Persian music to restless garage rock, here are 27 comps to get your headspace on the dancefloor.

—Andrew Parks

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