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Artist of the Week: Kutiman Disappears into Ambience

KutimanIn the last few months, the Israeli musician, unsuspecting YouTube sensation, and producer Kutiman—born Ophir Kutiel—has gone off the grid. Kutiel moved from the bustling Tel Aviv to Tze’elim, a 500-person kibbutz in the desert climate of southern Israel. His absence feels sudden; just a few years ago, he was assembling video clips from around the world into a YouTube series called “Thru You,” which slowly went viral. That project eventually evolved into another series called “Thru the City,” which took him around the world, assembling video mixes of music from Krakow, Jerusalem, Tokyo, and Tel Aviv. But lately, the musician has turned inward. His latest record, the four-track Don’t Hold Onto the Clouds, is an ambient meditation, a far cry from his psychedelic pop concoctions of 2016’s 6am or the delirious funk of his self-titled release. Don’t Hold Onto the Clouds is an album that rewards patience. If it’s not a deliberate reaction to his viral success, which was threatening to overshadow his immense musical talent, it’s certainly a reflection of his new headspace—a zoomed-in deliberation on the cracks that form when music is expanded to its limit.

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A Brief History of the Israeli Groove Scene and 12 Essential Acts Behind It

Markey Funk

Markey Funk by Shiri Rozenberg.

“Maybe it’s a cliché, but Israel is all about fusion in its food, its architecture, and art,” explains Tel Aviv DJ and producer Sabbo. “It’s in our genes already to mix things. It’s never been a thing to be a purist. We don’t intend to mix things, it happens naturally.” Continue reading