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KRS-One For President? Maybe One Day


Photo by Tyme Parker.

Since his introduction in the mid-‘80s as part of the Boogie Down Productions crew, the Bronx-born KRS-One has become a living embodiment of hip-hop music and culture. Powered by a distinctive New York brogue and his patented brand of edutainment, the Blastmaster has notched more than three decades of work, all of which upholds the music’s welfare while ignoring (and often openly critiquing) fly-by-night trends. When KRS-One speaks, you listen.

The Teacha’s latest album, The World is MIND, feels like a modern primer on classic KRS: Over pared-down, rugged boom-bap, self-aggrandizing lyrics sit next to sermons on politics and the state of the world. The MC’s graffiti roots are reasserted on an update of his ‘90s spray can anthem “Out For Fame,” and he even takes a South African detour to drop science on the Xhosa language with “Keep Clicking.”

In the middle of a break from his latest world tour, we spoke to KRS-One about the overarching concept behind his newest album, the makeup of a “wack Twitter rapper,” and how he sees parallels between Nazi Germany and modern American neighborhoods.

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This Week’s Essential Releases: Brazilian Pop, Video Games, and UK Jazz


Welcome to Seven Essential Releases, our weekly roundup of the best music on Bandcamp. Each week, we’ll recommend six new albums, plus pick an older LP from the stacks that you may have missed.

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The Best New Hip-Hop on Bandcamp


This month’s crucial hip-hop picks include indie rap veterans who are embracing their years in the game, video game fiends paying tribute to the late, great Frank White, and a rapper who at one time had the whole Internet convinced he was actually an alias of Nas. In a break from the normal U.S.-based selection, we also take a detour to Auckland, New Zealand where a whole bunch of rap cats are mustering up their own brand of creative hip-hop.
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