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King Garbage Blend Soul, Dusty Funk, and Country Grit on Their Debut Album

King Garbage

Make It Sweat
, the debut album from North Carolina duo King Garbage, is the result of a 12-year collaboration between Zach Cooper and Vic DiMotsis. The pair have been making music together since 2005, and have been recording and performing as King Garbage since 2008. Over the course of those nine years, Cooper and DiMotsis have worked their way inward from the outer extremes of grindcore and noise to something looser, friendlier, and more soulful. Their first official full-length as King Garbage, Make It Sweat, is a haunting collection of dusty funk and rusted blues.

The deep connection between the pair is immediately apparent. They finish each other’s sentences, interrupt, and heckle one another. During the course of our conversation, the guys are equally silly and forthcoming, just as eager to name-drop mid ’90s Billy Joel releases as they are to break down the influences that inform their singular style. Make It Sweat is a blend of Rust Belt sensibilities and East Coast street smarts, set against downtempo swamp-country instrumentals and cocaine-addled vocals. The album is precise and exacting, each tone carefully considered, yet presented in a way that feels wholly devoid of pretense.

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