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Big Ups: Kevin Richard Martin (The Bug) Picks His Bandcamp Favorites

The Bug

Over the past 30 years, Kevin Richard Martin has built a diverse musical resume that’s still constantly evolving. In the late ‘80s and ‘90s, the British musician explored a vast array of genre-warping experiments in projects like GOD, Techno Animal, and Ice, yet it was in the ‘00s that Martin’s solo alias, The Bug, would surpass them all in influence and impact.

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Eight Artists Making Music Built on Buchla Synthesizers

Illustrations by George Wylesol

The history of modular synthesis is so long and tangled that it’s difficult to pinpoint any one creator. But any realistic history of the instrument must include Don Buchla. Buchla’s electronic instruments never achieved the market penetration of widely available models from Moog or Roland. Just take a look at the Buchla 100, the model he built on commission for the San Francisco Tape Music Center with a $500 grant from the Rockefeller Foundation in 1963. A hefty silver cabinet studded with cryptic dials, multi-colored sockets, touch-sensitive panels—and, shockingly, no keyboard—it resembled something you’d find on the deck of the Starship Enterprise rather than what you’d find on stage or in a recording studio.

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Big Ups: Drew McDowall On His Top Five Recent Musical Discoveries

Drew McDowall

Photo by by Gordon Haswell

“There’s an essay by Jonathan Lethem called ‘The Ecstasy of Influence’ that I really love, based on the idea that we’re constantly influenced by everything that other people are doing. That’s the heart of what you’re immersed in, but also it’s a fine line and a very delicate balancing act.”

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