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The Best Albums of 2016: #20 – 1


Collage by Valentina Montagna.

If there’s one thing we learned since we launched Bandcamp Daily this past June, it’s that the world of Bandcamp is enormous—encompassing everything from emo in China to cumbia punk in Tucson, Arizona to just about everything in between. So narrowing our Best Albums of the Year down to 100 choices was a daunting task. Here, at last, are our Top 20 Albums of 2016.

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K.A.A.N.’s Working Class Ethos

Brandon Perry
Brandon Perry aka K.A.A.N.. Photo by Earl Davis
“I do this to have fun. If I make some money, if I get some attention, cool. If not, I’ll be at work.”— K.A.A.N.

The lead single and opening track on Uncommon Knowledge—a collaborative effort between rapper K.A.A.N. and producer K-Def—functions as both a tribute and a mission statement. Aptly titled “Music,” the song is used by the Columbia, Maryland-based rapper to pay homage to the artists who inspire him—including Etta James, Tupac Shakur, and Frank Sinatra. Using his signature breakneck flow, K.A.A.N.—birth name Brandon Perry—challenges himself: “I want that music that was real so I can feel it for sure/ I realize that they don’t even make that shit anymore.” That he raps over a Marvin Gaye sample further bridges the gap between past and present.

“It’s a perfect matrimony of beats and rhymes,” says Damu the Fudgemunk, a Washington, D.C.-based rapper/producer and co-owner of Redefinition Records, the label that released Uncommon Knowledge. “He’s a very animated rapper, but when you actually have a conversation with him, he’s very reserved and quiet. He doesn’t show a lot of emotion.”

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The Best Albums of 2016 So Far

best of 2016 so far

  A one-stop guide for catching up on the best releases of 2016 to date.

Every year brings with it more music than any one person can possibly consume. Even if you stopped sleeping and eating and did nothing but listen to music all day, every day, you’d only be able to get through roughly 13,000 albums in a year. Given that, we’ve decided to make your search for your next favorite record a little easier. These are the records released so far this year that we just can’t stop playing.

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