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The Lost Career of Judy Crawley

Judy Crawley

“It’s the music that you don’t hear that I get into. It’s wonderful. You see the depths of creativity.”—Judy Crawley

Judy Crawley is on the phone from Cleveland, Tennessee, a small town in the southeast corner of the state. This is Crawley’s first interview in over four decades, and you can hear the excitement, joy and relief in every answer. Her dalliances with the music industry have been brief, her style and taste just far enough outside the prevailing aesthetic, and her hometown just a little too far afield, to make an impact. But hers are the kinds of songs that still resonate with magic and mystery. “A lot of people don’t like singing sad music,” she says. “I absolutely love singing sad music.”

Crawley’s son, Aaron Robinson, also a singer, is an old friend of mine. So when Aaron posted something along the lines of “Hey check out these songs my mom made when she was a teenager,” on his Facebook, I clicked out of curiosity.

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