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This Week’s Essential Releases: Drone Rock, Post-Techno, Soul And More

7 essential

Welcome to Essential Releases, our weekly roundup of the best music on Bandcamp. Each week, we’ll recommend crucial new albums that were released between last Friday and this Friday, plus pick an older LP from the stacks that you may have missed.

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The Loop: The Communal Music of Shafiq Husayn

Shafiq Husayn

Nearly a decade in the making, the latest full-length from L.A. producer Shafiq Husayn is as colorful, warm, and inviting as it is experimental and eclectic. The album illuminates the connective tissue that binds hip-hop, jazz, R&B, funk, and fusion; Husayn created the beats and basic structures of the songs with songwriting partner Jimetta Rose, then assembled a cast of guest musicians to help flesh them out into complex, fully-realized compositions.

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The Best Albums of 2016: #20 – 1


Collage by Valentina Montagna.

If there’s one thing we learned since we launched Bandcamp Daily this past June, it’s that the world of Bandcamp is enormous—encompassing everything from emo in China to cumbia punk in Tucson, Arizona to just about everything in between. So narrowing our Best Albums of the Year down to 100 choices was a daunting task. Here, at last, are our Top 20 Albums of 2016.

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Black Girls Talking: Bandcamp Picks – August 2016

Black Girls Talking on Bandcamp
Illustrations by Paul Grelet
Black Girls Talking: Bandcamp Picks is a monthly feature in which three hosts of the pop-culture podcast Black Girls Talking, Alesia, Fatima, and Ramou each pick a favorite artist from Bandcamp for a brief round-table discussion.

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On “The Light Bearer,” Jimetta Rose Spreads Peace Through Song

Jimetta Rose
Jimetta Rose. Photo by Marielle Tepper
“I want us all to hear words that feed us, as opposed to limiting us or making us feel beat down. I feel excited to share a true message.”—Jimetta Rose

Jimetta Rose isn’t here to just sing hooks. Sure, she went on tour with producer Quantic as his featured vocalist. And, yes, she sounded great singing backup on Blu, MED and Madlib’s Cali cruiser, “Burgundy Whip.” But Rose has bigger plans: the Los Angeles vocalist is in high demand, working with artists who value her input. She and local producer House Shoes are working on a collaborative album, and she also has writing and associate production credits on the new LP from Grammy-winning producer Shafiq Husayn, who has also worked with Kanye West, Jay Z, and Lauryn Hill.

“It’s sort of surreal, some of the opportunities that have come along over the years,” she says. “It’s hard to even absorb. A lot of times, you can be kept in a feature slot—especially as a woman. Maybe you’re not writing lyrics, or you’re just singing something and moaning on a track. I thank God that [everyone I’ve worked with] has recognized the talent, taken it seriously, and wanted to further the collaborative opportunity. In some cases, it could’ve been one hook, but they were like, ‘Naw, Jimetta, you need to come around. People need to hear you.”

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