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The Best New Hip-Hop on Bandcamp


In our new roundup of Bandcamp releases, we spotlight a New York City wordsmith who’s all about the pure joy of rhyming, a transatlantic MC/producer collab with funk affinities, and a Detroit-based lyricist who was once a key J Dilla collaborator. Oh, and there’s this small 100-track project with samples sourced entirely from old Chinese vinyl. (We’re kidding, of course, that’s a huge deal.) Continue reading

Good Times Are Coming: The Essential Guide to Jeremiah Jae

Jeremiah Jae
Jeremiah Jae. Photo by Cosmo

Jeremiah Jae’s music is unapologetically hazy. He blankets nearly every track with healthy clouds of weed smoke, giving listeners contact highs on each song. Yet despite the premise, Jae’s music is never lazy, repetitive or sloppy. It’s singular and atmospheric.

It doesn’t take long to recognize Jae’s flow. He rhymes with a dead-eyed gaze that’s equally monotone, gripping and clear. But it’s more than just the Chicago native’s voice that grabs you; dude can piece together some rather stunning instrumentals, too. The son of a jazz musician, he’s able to play drums, guitar and piano. And while many of his beats are based on well-curated samples, there’s a clear musicianship, even if he’s looping chops to add texture to his work. Jae pulls from jazz’s weirder moments and his rhymes are full of off-color humor.

Given all this, it makes sense that he’s a member of Flying Lotus’ illustrious Brainfeeder crew, has released music via Warp Records, and collaborates with cats as varied as Lord RAJA, Run The Jewels, and Mount Kimbie. Jae has released a ton of material in a variety of formats since his 2008 debut. Here’s a roundup of Jae’s most essential work.

If you’re feeling these projects, be sure to check out his recent JP Moregun mixtape with fellow Brainfeeder artist PBDY, in addition to Holy Smoke, his upcoming release with the equally blunted Zeroh.

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