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The New Jazz Mathematics of the Inventive Jasper Høiby

Jasper Høiby
Jasper Høiby. Photo by Dave Stapleton

“So, at one point, I was in like 14 different groups,” says bassist Jasper Høiby. “That sounds ridiculous, I know. But it only takes 14 musicians, and you keep switching up who’s at the helm. And that’s important, because you build up certain relationships by seeing who you play well with.”

Bassist Jasper Høiby has found more than a few people with whom he plays well, and those discoveries have resulted in two new recordings, Fellow Creatures and Parallax. The latter album comes courtesy of the trio Phronesis. That’s who he’s speaking of when he continues, “For me, with Anton and Ivo, that relationship has been there from the beginning. From the absolute beginning,” he says with emphasis. “I remember the first shitty gig we ever played together. It was on a street corner, for no money, and no one was listening, and I had the biggest smile on my face. It was so good and it was so fun, and I thought: ‘This is magic. This is what it’s all about.’ And I’ve felt that so many times since.”

It was Høiby that first set things in motion for Phronesis 10 years ago, but over time, the trio became a true democracy.

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