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The Provocative Dark Pop of Istanbul’s Jakuzi


Photos by Atilla Eren Gokturk

The dark synth-pop outfit Jakuzi love to provoke. That’s partially due to their background—principal members Kutay Soyocak and Taner Yücel have roots in Istanbul’s underground punk scene. But it’s also because they have a particular knack for arresting visuals. In the video for “Istediğin Gibi Kullan,” from their 2017 full-length debut Fantezi Müzik, the pair are subjected to physical manipulation by a male and female domme while their drummer looks on in disinterest. (At one point, he decides to kill time by playing Candy Crush.)

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Bandcamp Daily Staffers on Their Favorite Albums of 2017


J. Edward Keyes
Editorial Director

Look, globally speaking, this year was a trash fire. Of all of the art I consumed over the last 12 months, nothing felt more disconcertingly prescient than the harrowing, deeply unnerving conclusion of Twin Peaks: The Return. Its chilling, too-real final scene suggested that the scars of all trauma—personal and national—run deep, and we’d be foolish to think that by correcting one mistake, we’re able to eliminate the dark, gnarled roots of what caused it.

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The Best Albums of 2017: #60 – 41


We’ll be revealing the full list, 20 albums at a time, this whole week.

Last year, the Bandcamp Daily staff put together our first “Best Albums of the Year List,” 100 albums we felt defined 2016 for us. At the time I remember thinking, “This is tough, but it will probably get easier as the years go on.” Now, one year later, I’m realizing that I was wrong. The truth is, the world of Bandcamp is enormous, and it contains artists from all over the world, in every conceivable genre (including a few who exist in genres of their own invention), and at every stage of their career. The fact of the matter is, any list like this is going to fall short because, on Bandcamp, there is always more to discover. Right now, there’s probably someone in their bedroom in Buenos Aires, making a record on their computer that is going to end up on next year’s list. So as comprehensive as we’ve tried to make this list, we realize that, even at 100 albums, we’re only scratching the surface of what’s available. The albums that made this list, though, were the ones that stayed with us long after they were released—the ones we returned to again and again and found their pleasures undimmed, and their songs still rewarding. These are the Best Albums on Bandcamp in 2017.

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Jakuzi’s Glam Synth-Pop Both Subverts and Honors Tradition


Jakuzi. Photos by Berk Cakmacki.

If you’re not familiar with mainstream Turkish music, allow us to set the scene: imagine the most overblown and fantastical elements of modern pop enthusiastically paired with a glitzy, ‘80s aesthetic and a generous helping of traditional Middle Eastern folk. You’d expect the result to be over-the-top— too indulgent, perhaps—but, instead, they’re shot through with a special kind of sincerity. When Turkish pop singers step up to the microphone, they mean every single, rhinestone-studded word.

Fantezi Müsik is both the name of this glammed-up genre of Arabesque pop and the title of the debut album by Jakuzi, the Istanbul-based duo of Kutay Soyocak and Taner Yücel. The pair have created their own 21st century take on their home country’s time-honored sound. Fantezi Müsik finds plenty of inspiration in the duo’s local scene, but it also borrows from classic new wave, synthpop, funk, post-punk, and the British sophisti-pop movement of the mid ’80s. It’s a potent mix that seems unlikely to come from a single band, let alone a single album—and, sometimes, a single song. Imagine Duran Duran imbued with Joy Division’s emotional grittiness, but still embracing the odd saxophone solo or Casio keyboard beat.

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