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Big Ups: Pelican Pick Their Favorite Records On Bandcamp


Photo by Marfa Capodanno

If you’ve ever heard the term “instru-metal,” it’s probably because of Pelican. The Chicago-born band have been cranking out triumphant metallic instrumentals since its inception back in 2001. Over the last 18 years, they’ve released six albums and a slew of EPs, even breaking their longstanding vocal boycott—for just one song—in 2009. They’ve also spread out between their hometown, where guitarists Trevor Shelley de Brauw and Dallas Thomas still live, and Los Angeles, where drummer Larry Herweg and his brother (and bassist) Bryan Herweg currently reside. The band’s latest, Nighttime Stories, is Pelican’s first full-length in six years—and not just because of the geographic divide. “We’ve collectively had three children since our last album,” Shelley de Brauw explains. “Dallas and Larry became fathers, and I became a father for the second time.”  Continue reading

The Best Metal on Bandcamp: April 2019

best-metal-1244.jpgThis month’s Best Metal on Bandcamp includes epic doom, an ambitious single-song death metal EP, and a wide range of black metal.

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Album of the Day: Inter Arma, “Sulphur English”

Richmond, VA’s Inter Arma are nothing if not chimeric, a mythical beast perpetually entangled in lashes of black metal, death metal, doom, noise, prog, and even folk (albeit in a Neil Young’s-worst-nightmare kind of way). Their latest album Sulphur English is only the five-person ensemble’s fourth full-length since the band’s 2006 inception (and their third for Relapse Records), but don’t mistake that for slacking; Inter Arma are also seasoned road warriors, and if you haven’t allowed yourself to be sonically obliterated at one of their incendiary live shows yet, it’s your own damn fault.  Continue reading

Inter Arma’s Painstakingly-Crafted, Cathedral-Ceiling Metal

Inter Arma

Richmond, Virginia’s Inter Arma have released some of the most expansive albums in underground metal over the last few years, albums that require careful consideration and revision before they reach their final, cathedral-ceilinged forms. And they’ve found their audience: 2013’s Sky Burial landed on several prominent year-end lists, and a year later the single-track 45-minute The Cavern was released to similar acclaim. Their latest, Paradise Gallows, was finished in October of last year, but it’s been in the works for much longer. In fact, anyone who’s witnessed their mammoth live show in recent years may recognize some of this new material.

“We definitely played “Primordial (Wound)” in Europe the last time we went, which was in December of 2014,” says vocalist Mike Paparo (also of the band Bastard Sapling). “An Archer in the Emptiness” we’ve been playing pretty consistently for a few years now.”

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