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Big Ups: Triple B Records’ Sam Yarmuth On Six Bands He Wishes He’d Signed

Sam Yarmuth

There were two albums that introduced Sam Yarmuth to hardcore: Bane’s Give Blood and Converge’s Jane Doe. And there couldn’t be a better representation of the intermingling dichotomies of his label, Triple B Records, than those two quintessential releases.

Although Bane was formed as a side project by then-Converge guitarist Aaron Dalbec, and Give Blood and Jane Doe were released just two months apart from one another on the same label (Equal Vision Records), their respective sounds were worlds apart by the hardcore measurements of 2001. Bane’s rugged and yelly melodic hardcore anthems were embraced by stagedivers worldwide. But those were rarely the same kids who’d be head-walking and swinging dangerously to Converge’s violent breed of punky metalcore. It took a couple decades for hardcore’s pointlessly rigid factions to come together and universally accept the diversity within the idiom. And the roster Yarmuth has assembled through Triple B Records has been instrumental in bridging that divide. 

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The Best Metal on Bandcamp: August 2018


This month’s roundup of the best metal on Bandcamp includes a buzzy debut by a trad metal throwback, a classy death-doom comeback by Swedish legends, a new voice in lo-fi French black metal project, and much more. 

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