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The Best Metal Albums of 2018

best-metal-2018It’s a bit trite to say that 2018 was a good year for metal; every year is a good year for metal, if you’re willing to put in the legwork. Yet the range of this year’s crop of great albums is particularly impressive. Metalheads were fortunate enough to get multiple new entrants to the canons of funeral doom, atmospheric black metal, old-school death metal, Euro-style power metal, and more. Each one of the albums below (listed alphabetically) is worth spending the rest of your life getting to know.

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Horrendous Make Proggy Death Metal for Paranoid Times


Horrendous by Scott Kinkade

Disturbing metal album covers are a dime a dozen. Disembowelments, Viking war orgies, sinister gorgons, rotting corpses: you name it, your local heavy music record store’s got it. The artwork for Horrendous’ latest album, Idol, is just as unsettling as the images described above, but in a way that prompts less of an “Eww” or “Yikes” and more of a “What… is that?” The cover art, a many-toothed demon, is garden-variety metal enough. It’s the acne-style outbreak of monoliths on the demon’s face that causes unease. Continue reading

The Best Metal on Bandcamp: September 2018


This month’s roundup of the best metal on Bandcamp includes Philly death metal darlings realizing their full potential, time-warping funeral doom from the Republic of Georgia, a pivot into groove by grindcore gods, and more.

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