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Deep Cuts from 30 Years of Merge Records


When Mac McCaughan and Laura Ballance co-founded Merge Records in 1989, the music industry was in a much different place. “It was around this time when you were in a punk rock band [and] it was for you,” Ballance says. “It wasn’t for anybody else—or it was for you and your friends, and you didn’t expect to make a living doing it.”

Over the last 30 years, however, Merge became a home not just for the duo’s own band, Superchunk, but also a place where hundreds of musicians made a living—and forged a career—on their own terms.

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The Best Albums of Winter 2018

quarterly report

The first three months of the year have already given us an abundance of great records—arguably more than one roundup can possibly include. The 25 albums on this list contain a whole universe of sounds, from pummelling drone to rollicking indie rock, from thought-provoking hip-hop to Spanish synthwave. These are the Best Albums of Winter 2018.

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On “Vessel of Love,” Hollie Cook Rides A “Care Bear Mobile in The Clouds”

Hollie Cook

Photo by Ollie Grove.

When people talk about Hollie Cook, whose third album, Vessel of Love, was just released by indie behemoth Merge Records, a few musical touchstones continually crop up. The first is The Slits, of which Cook was a member during their 2009 tour for Trapped Animal. The second is The Sex Pistols: the group’s drummer, Paul Cook, is Hollie’s father. And the third is a short list of lover’s rock artists, whose music bears some similarity to Cook’s: Marcia Griffiths, Hortense Ellis, even Rita Marley. One name that doesn’t come up very often? Deftones.

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