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Album of the Day: Harriet Tubman, “The Terror End of Beauty”

Two decades since they altered downtown New York City’s experimental music landscape with spiritual shredder I Am A Man, cooperative power trio Harriet Tubman—guitarist Brandon Ross, bassist Melvin Gibbs, and drummer J.T. Lewis—remain as potently freethinking as ever. That aesthetic is manifested not only in their band name (their namesake is the 19th-century abolitionist and political activist who helped free hundreds of slaves), but in their freeform, shape-shifting pyrotechnics that ecstatically hurtle from spazzed-out salvos to meditative beauty. Tubman’s hard-grooving sound-world spans free jazz, metal, rock, blues, funk, and dub—and it’s no wonder: veterans Ross, Gibbs, and Lewis’s far-reaching credits include collaborative and supporting stints with Cassandra Wilson, Rollins Band, Henry Threadgill, Sonny Sharrock, and Vanessa Williams, to name a few.

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The Best New Jazz on Bandcamp: February 2017

Best New Jazz - March

Illustration by Clay Hickson

This month: music inspired by Indonesian Gamelan Orchestras, chamber jazz led by tuba, old-school compositions given new life in the present day, music made in the spirit of protest, music made in the spirit of joy, music from down South and music that’s at home in outer space. All of it is continued proof of the expansiveness of modern jazz.

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