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Album of the Day: Hammock, “Universalis”

In the music that Marc Byrd and Andrew Thompson make as Hammock, everything and nothing seems to happen at once. Like Stars of the Lid with a slight spring in their step, or Explosions in the Sky moving in slow motion, Hammock’s songs aren’t afraid to bask in the soft glow of their own beautiful melodies for whole minutes at a time.

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Biggest Ups: Over 40 Artists Share Their Favorite Albums of 2017


Bandcamp artists pick their favorite albums of the year.

One of the features on Bandcamp Daily that generates the greatest amount of enthusiasm is Big Ups. The concept is simple: we ask artists who used Bandcamp to recommend their favorite Bandcamp discoveries. So, in honor of our Best of 2017 coverage, we decided to take Big Ups and super-size it. Here, more than 40 artists to tell us their favorite albums of the year.

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Listen to the New Hammock Record in Full and Read the Story Behind Its Creation


Mysterium is the eighth album from Nashville’s ambient guitar duo, Hammock. While each of the group’s albums has been defined by a specific sound—minimal and uncluttered on Maybe They Will Sing for Us Tomorrow, and nearly approaching conventional dreampop on Chasing After Shadows…Living with the Ghosts—on Mysterium, the band’s members Marc Byrd and Andrew Thompson are just as focused on thematic unity in their lyrics. Grief and tension abound on Mysterium and, unlike the band’s previous offering, Everything and Nothing, the song structures and arrangements feel a little less straightforward. Instead, the new record plays like a requiem in both its tone and its sweeping scope.

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