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Album of the Day: GosT, “Possessor”


On his third proper LP, the self-proclaimed “Satanic lord of slasherwave” fully embraces his hardcore and heavy metal roots. And while Possessor has its forked tongue firmly in its cheek—the album’s intro is built from samples of news reports from the “Satanic Panic” era—it’s hard to blame GosT for going big as a way to stand out in a crowd of second-wave synthesists who’ve watched way too many episodes of Stranger Things.

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The Blood Music Label Explores the Darker Side of Metal and Synth Music

blood music

Blood Music started with a simple mission statement: “[To be] an organization dedicated to the anthropological and cultural preservation of extreme metal music.” Started and run entirely by founder “J” for almost the entirety of its existence, the label began with a focus on reissues. The ideas for which albums to reissue originated from holes in J’s own collection.

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Biggest Ups: 23 Artists Share Their Bandcamp Picks


Illustration by Valentina Montagna.

When we launched Bandcamp Daily, one of the features that was met with the greatest amount of enthusiasm right out of the gate was Big Ups. The concept was simple: we asked artists who used Bandcamp to recommend their favorite Bandcamp discoveries. So, in honor of our Best of 2016 coverage, we decided to take Big Ups and super-size it. We asked 23 artists to recommend one album they can’t stop playing.

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Talking With a GosT: The Synthwave Producer Opens Up


Like many other synthwave artists, GosT’s songs are cut from the same blood-soaked cloth as horror greats like John Carpenter. His songs don’t just set the mood for movies, though—they’re the feature presentation, equal parts chaos and pure theatre.

A lot of that stems from GosT’s KISS obsession as a kid. “They had a huge impact on me performance-wise,” he recalls. “They were so over-the-top on stage and in myth.”

The same goes for GosT itself, a project shrouded in mystery, helmed by a producer wreathed in smoke and donning a skeleton mask. The whole thing seems larger-than-life—especially in a scene that is typically laid-back and reserved.

“Only a few of us have taken synthwave towards the Justice end of the spectrum,” the producer says when we point out the similarities between his new album, Non Paradisi, and dance music. “It’s been natural, but we’re a small group of outcasts.”

Chalk that intensity up to GosT’s past as a member of several metal/hardcore bands—the identities of which he’d rather keep secret. But it’s not that simple—songs like “Aggrandizement” are both dynamic and deep. Our conversation, unsurprisingly, is the same.

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