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The New Face of Death Metal

Death MetalBecause heavy metal was splintering and branching into different substrata throughout the 1980s, death metal doesn’t have a widely agreed-upon birthdate. (Certainly nothing like Friday the 13th of February, 1970.) Some people point to 1985, when Possessed’s debut Seven Churches closed with a track called “Death Metal”; others look to 1987, when Florida’s Death finally managed to turn a seemingly endless parade of demos into their full-length debut, Scream Bloody Gore. Whatever the starting point, it’s generally agreed that death metal has now been around for at least 30 years.

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The Best Metal on Bandcamp: April 2018


April’s metal roundup is headlined by the new double-album by Austin Lunn’s Panopticon project. Forget Hillbilly Elegy; anyone who wants to know about the working class of Middle America and Appalachia should just listen to Kentucky. Roads to the North and Autumn Eternal completed a trilogy that set a new bar for what American black metal—emphasis on American—could be, a bar that The Scars of Man Upon the Once Nameless Wilderness clears effortlessly. His latest masterpiece is joined here by the long-awaited comeback of a couple of Bay Area lifers, a fiery dispatch from Hellenic black metal’s founding fathers, and much more.

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