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Red Axes and the Tel Aviv Dance Scene

Red Axis

While DJs and music tastemakers alike continue to pore over the party scenes across the standards of Berlin, London, and Los Angeles, in the Israeli city of Tel Aviv, a charismatic collective of producers have established a new wave of dance music ideals.

Inspired by post-punk, funk, no wave, and straight-up rock ‘n’ roll, the emerging sound of the city isn’t necessarily fashionable, given the fairly rigorous genre-definitions and devotion that usually drive underground dance music. However, perhaps in worthy celebration of a refusal to bow to trends, artists such as Moscoman and Autarkic have earned wider approval for their resolutely oddball approach; DJs and producers trusting their instincts, taking risks when they could easily end up in either the nu-disco or “world music” bargain crate.

While dance music enthusiasts appreciate the quirks and character of their productions—rocking a dancefloor while remaining functional—fair-weather clubbers are drawn to a sound that has fewer of the rigid, clinical beats that define specialist dancefloors. If the word “indie” is toxic in the sphere of house and techno, then this particular Israeli approach is, at least, refreshingly alternative.

Perhaps the most recognizable pair emerging from this fertile scene are Dori Sadovnik and Niv Arzi, known both locally and increasingly internationally as Red Axes. Their relentless touring schedule has landed them at huge festivals such as Sonar. They’ve impressed the typically mainstream Ibiza club scene, and cemented themselves as two of the most popular DJs on near-rotation at Berlin’s feted Panorama Bar. Meanwhile, a string of 12-inches are in steady rotation by a far-reaching spectrum of DJs, and for some time last summer, the memorable pan-flute of Red Axes’ anthemic “Sun, My Sweet Sun” seemed to soundtrack the sunset or sunrise on every tuned-in dancefloor.

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