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Gabber Modus Operandi Galvanize Indonesian Folk Into Feverish Footwork

gaber modus operandi

If one were to drop in to any random point across the 31 minutes of Indonesian duo Gabber Modus Operandi’s almost absurdly dense new album HOXXXYA, it’d be difficult to pinpoint what exactly is happening with the sound. Some melodic and rhythmic elements of the production reflect local influences like a grimy mirror. Album closer “Sangkakala III,” for example, is built around a tinny melody derived from a type of Indonesian trumpet called a slompret, while the preceding track, “Padang Galaxxx,” brings to mind the trance-inducing, repetitious vocal kecak performance style that originated in the band’s native Bali. Most of the album registers north of 180 BPM, vouching for the band name’s shoutout to Gabber and their stated affinity for Chicago footwork pioneer DJ Rashad.

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