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Bandcamp Navigator, October 2019: From Neoclassical to Video Game Soundtracks


When the weather is no longer oppressively hot, I like to take the dog for a walk in the woods. After a few minutes of walking, you can almost reach a point where you’re surrounded only by nature—as long as you ignore the garbage left behind by developers determined to turn the woods into townhouses. But if you turn your back on that human intrusion, you can—if only for a moment—feel a tranquility that comes from being a part of nature (and knowing the way back home when you’re ready to leave). Our trail begins this time with an album that serves as an excellent soundtrack to these walks.

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Fumio Miyashita’s Journey from Martial Arts to Prog to Healing Ambient Music

Fumio Mayashita

The many careers of Fumio Miyashita—actor, art rocker, martial arts expert, ambient musician—are the product of a man who was almost supernaturally disciplined. Born in 1949 in the mountainous Nagano Prefecture, some 150 miles northwest of Tokyo, Miyashita began studying karate at a young age and was a black belt by the time he was in high school. After a brief stint in a grand-scale production of Hair in Tokyo in 1969, Miyashita led a fledgling band of street musicians through a series of rigorous rehearsals that turned into Far Out, a prog rock outfit as muscular as Meddle-era Pink Floyd (Miyashita wrote and sang the group’s epic songs). That group was quickly reconfigured to become the synth-heavier Far East Family Band, and by the start of the 1980s, Miyashita was recording solo synth music almost exclusively. He spent the rest of his life steadily recording this therapeutic music, selling hundreds of thousands of tapes and CDs. “He used to say that he didn’t sit down to compose music,” explains Miyashita’s widow Linda. “It was something that was a gift from nature.”

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The Best New Ambient Music on Bandcamp: March 2019


A quick browse through the Bandcamp ambient tag will reveal any number of ambient works from composers unified in their artistry through atmosphere, but with wildly differing approaches to how they achieve their goals. From the intimate and warm to the unsettling and tense, ambient is a diverse and endlessly thought-provoking genre. Every month, Ari Delaney will walk through the best recent releases you can find right here on Bandcamp.

In this edition, we’re highlighting albums released from February 15 through March 15, including a serene vocal-centric album that hits particularly close to home, and one which samples the sounds of merging black holes.

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