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Franck Vigroux: An Electronic Producer Critiques Technology

Franck Vigroux

Over the course of his last three electronic albums (he also releases guitar-driven work), French producer Franck Vigroux has used his signature blend of industrial, IDM, ambient, and techno to paint pictures of a grim future. On his new album Barricades, Vigroux, who began his career as an avant-garde guitarist and also works in film, theater, and dance, has crafted a surprisingly upbeat listening experience. The album’s name is a response to Vigroux’s belief that people are increasingly hiding behind the enclosures of technology; the album is dominated by loud, thumping beats, as if Vigroux is inviting the audience to get out from behind their walls and dance among the ruins. And while Vigroux’s music jolts us into considering how much of our humanity we’ve given up, he’s certainly not resigned to defeat. We caught up with Vigroux on a phone call from the south of France.

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