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Ezra Furman’s “Twelve Nudes” is a “Firehose of Frustration”

Ezra Furman

Photos by Jessica Lehman

Ezra Furman is done running away—for now, anyway.

Escape has long been a core theme of the 33-year-old singer’s work. Last year’s Transangelic Exodus made that theme explicit—a concept album about motoring across state lines with an angel lover, encapsulating the queer instinct to seek refuge elsewhere. Continue reading

Album of the Day: Evan Greer, “she/her/they/them”

What good do protest songs do? On her new album she/her/they/them, Boston-based singer-songwriter Evan Greer questions the use of singing through the present day’s mounting political crises. Greer is best known as an activist and organizer on the front lines of the fights for LGBTQ and digital rights, but for a decade she’s played folk-punk songs that bristle with agitative sentiments. In that way, her music is a complement to her work on the picket line. And yet on her new song “Six Strings,” a jazzy tune on which her acoustic guitar is bolstered by drums and piano, she finds herself wondering: what’s the point of all this? “These songs will never change the world / Or save anyone’s life,” she laments. Continue reading