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The Best Beat Tapes on Bandcamp: July/August 2018

Beat Tapes

There was no July column. Hopefully you noticed. To correct this wrong, this month’s column features the best releases from July and August. The split isn’t quite 50/50, but rest assured, no excellent tapes were cut in the interest of meeting a quota. Below you’ll find low-end heavy productions from a beat scene stalwart, jazzy chillhop, dust-kissed loops culled from record stores in Japan, and much more.

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A Guide to Flamingosis and His Bright Soul-Inflected Beats


Chase Gaewski

Flamingosis is a New Jersey-based producer whose work harbors a deep knowledge of hip-hop, funk and jazz, and is accentuated by bombastic instrumentals that draw direct lines to J Dilla and Daft Punk. In recent years, producers like Flamingosis have thrived on YouTube, thanks to the rise of what many listeners call “lo-fi hip-hop”—a sample-based subgenre consisting of mellow bass kicks. The subgenre was originally perfected by artists like Nujabes, but now, video platforms like YouTube offer fanmade videos, including mixes and loosies that are played over looped clips of YuYu Hakusho or Goodfellas.

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