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The Best Beat Tapes on Bandcamp: August 2019


August’s Best Beat Tapes column features several tapes that reimagine attempted but not-always-successful genre pairings. There’s off-kilter hip-hop paired with chopped and warped R&B samples; a trip-hop record that pulls from breakbeat and too many genres to list; an unparalleled fusion of doom-filled rock and slow, sometimes muted beats that still crush; a tape that creates a sci-fi epic by fusing blues and hip-hop. As always, there’s also much more.

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Submerse’s Guide to the Japanese Beat Scene


“I was like, ‘Right. I want to make some classic, ’90s jam kind of stuff,’” says Rob Orne of the driving force behind Are You Anywhere, his new album on Project Mooncircle. Growing up in the small, northern U.K. town of Runcorn, Cheshire, the 30-year-old beatsmith, who records under the moniker submerse, relocated to Tokyo seven years ago. And for many, his sound is synonymous with the Japan beat scene: hazy, textural electronic dreamscapes, all underpinned by his woozy kicks and snares.

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