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Ziúr’s Sucker Punching Electronics Are A Defiant Call For Solidarity


Photo by Stefan Fahler

Since 2016’s Taiga EP, the Berlin-based electronic artist Ziúr’s palette has expanded beyond the discord associated with experimental club music, heading toward a more colorful aesthetic, one defined equally by spirits of defiance, melancholy, and joy. “I feel the music that I write,” she says, matter-of-factly, over Skype from her home. U Feel Anything?, a sometimes disorienting sucker punch of martial percussion arrived in 2017, but its follow-up, ATØ, foregrounds Ziúr’s own voice amid new collaborators such as Ash B. “Right now, it feels like the right time to bring my vocals back,” she continues. “It comes out as easily as when I write a kick drum.”

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Certified: Georgia Are Surfing Electronic Music’s Astral Plane


Certified is a series on Bandcamp where we spotlight artists whose work we think is worthy of additional attention.

“We have a yin yang of being in the dirt, in the gutter, and being celestial, spiritual beings,” says Justin Tripp, one half of the experimental electronic duo Georgia. He’s talking about Sound Love, a sprawling, 100-minute cassette released on Good Morning Tapes last year, which feels like it cuts to the core of the pair’s musical philosophy. Of its two longform tracks, the first is full of tumbling polyrhythms—playful, noisy, infectious—while the second moves to a slower, more cosmic tempo.

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Album of the Day: The Utopia Strong, “The Utopia Strong”

Steve Davis has enjoyed the most interested career rebirth since Mickey Rourke decided he wanted to punch flesh and bone for a living. Anyone familiar with the sport of snooker will know it’s not hyperbolic to declare Davis one of the greatest players of all time, a six-time world champion who established his own era of domination in the 1980s, when snooker was a staple of British TV. So imagine the bemusement surrounding the native Londoner’s rebirth as a club DJ in recent years; instead of making trick shots, Davis spins records as one “DJ Thundermuscle”—at festivals like Glastonbury, natch. And this was a man once dubbed snooker’s Mr. Dull because of his methodical play? What a time to be alive.

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Album of the Day: Fire-Toolz, “Field Whispers (Into The Crystal Palace)”

Angel Marcloid’s Fire-Toolz project has always been a melting pot, an unholy combination of extreme metal, experimental noise, pop, and vaporwave. It’s the product of a brand of unfettered curiosity, nurtured by access to countless digital wormholes. “I’ve sought to cultivate more calmness, solitude, serenity, and peace in my life over the years,” she told VICE, in an interview shortly after last year’s Skinless X-1. “I imagine that within the next five [years, Fire-Toolz] will be full-on meditation music.” Her latest record, Field Whispers (Into The Crystal Palace), is her most cohesive and exciting release yet. While the opening track, “mailto:spasm@swamp.god?subject=Mind-Body Parallels,” incorporates the demonic growls of previous releases, they take a back seat to processed vocals and a bass-heavy smooth fusion jazz that blurs the line between future funk and exceptionally good hold music. Even when the ending combusts in an explosion of blast beats and shredding guitar, the song still remains transcendent, not aggressive.

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Jay Glass Dubs Refracts and Reshapes Dub to Create New Universes

Jay Glass Dubs

When Dimitris Papadatos began making music as Jay Glass Dubs in 2015, his self-appointed mission was both heady and specific: to produce “an exercise of style focusing on a counter-factual historical approach of dub music, stripped down to its basic drum/bass/vox/effects form.” Since then, Papadatos has pushed his philosophy to the limits, mutating his sound constantly over a neverending series of albums and mixtapes, most of them via the avant-garde British label Bokeh Versions.

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