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The Best Metal on Bandcamp: September 2017

Best Metal

Metal Twitter, like all Twitter-based extensions of subculture, is mostly terrible, which naturally means I spend all day on it. Yet occasionally it’s illuminating, as a recent in-fight revealed. In short, some fans of the genre think metal writers should be apolitical, while others think that’s dumb. While there’s obviously been politics explicitly written into metal since “War Pigs,” nearly every band reflects the issues of its time to some extent, whether they do it consciously or not. That’s not controversial; it’s simply what art does. While this column may not always use its limited inches to speak truth to power directly, you’ll never read about a racist, xenophobic, or otherwise hateful band here. Metal should be a welcoming space for all kinds of marginalized groups, and pretending that the empowerment many of us have drawn from its swords and dragons can’t be political is an insult to its potential to help people.

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