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El Mató a un Policía Motorizado Brighten Argentinian Indie’s Corners

El Mató

“The popular imagination thinks that living off of your music, living off of your art, is some kind of big, eternal amusement park. But it’s not like that.”—Santiago Motorizado

Santiago Motorizado may be the hardest working man in Argentine indie rock. Arranging my interview with the frontman and bassist of the long-running cult favorite group El Mató a un Policía Motorizado (think Dinosaur Jr. showing you their sensitive side) was a formidable task. Between the band’s recording schedule and their preparations for a trip to the US and UK, our options were limited. We finally settled on meeting before his show at Pompeya Social Pub, in the Buenos Aires suburb of Castelar. Struggling to find a quiet corner inside the busy bar, we took to the street outside, my boyfriend awkwardly holding a tape recorder as we huddled on the chilly sidewalk to chat.

This isn’t to complain, rather to illustrate just how busy Motorizado is. El Mató is known for playing live shows constantly, and everywhere—for a city dweller like myself, Castelar (a subway, bus, and train ride away) might as well be Narnia. And they have a slew of big shows coming up: July 22 & 30 at Niceto Club, one of the most popular venues in the city, Sept. 24 at La Trastienda in Montevideo, Uruguay, and Festival BUE on Oct. 14, along with  Iggy Pop and The Libertines.  

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