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The Best Jazz Albums of 2018

best jazz 2018

Jazz was far from dead in 2018, but the usefulness of the word “jazz” is on life support. Over the last 12 months, the array of sounds contained on albums that could loosely be described as “jazz” was so vast, it practically rendered the term meaningless. That diversity is a sign of the scene’s strength; it reflects the visions of musicians who have been brought up in the jazz tradition, learning the languages and standards of the past to help them create the future. Almost across the board, the albums in this year’s list find inspiration in old compositions and composers, but give them new life in the sound and spirit of today.

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The Best Jazz on Bandcamp: June 2018


It will always be difficult to define modern jazz because of how much of the genre is dominated by innovation. Putting name to an art form’s identity requires a measure of knowledge about what’s come before, and the ways that the past bleeds into what is happening now. But that’s not so easily done when musicians view the now as nothing more than the launching pad for what could be. This month’s list of recommendations proves that. This is music that bears the echoes swing and salsa, jazz-folk and third stream, electronica and chamber and spiritual jazz. But those echoes of the past are cast forward into forms of expression that seek to bring the sound of the future into the present-day.

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Dos Santos Create a Fascinating Blend of Cabaret, Cumbia, Jazz, and Latinx Punk

Dos Santos

Photos by Andrea Falcone

International Anthem has established itself as Chicago’s premiere jazz label by highlighting the threads that tie jazz together: the experimentalism, the roots, and the soul. Trumpeter Jaimie Branch hones in on the avant-garde and multi-instrumentalist Jeff Parker peppers his art with alternative funk. Producer Ben LaMar Gay infuses his music with experimental cues from rock ‘n’ roll, neo-classical composers, and electronic texturalists.

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