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Meet the Artists Leading Italy’s Future Jazz Scene

Italian Future Jazz

The Italian Peninsula is full of cities and provinces that have contributed to the rich history of Italian jazz over the past century—from Torino, where Enrico Rava performed with Chet Baker and Bobby Jaspar, to Milan, home of famed pianist Giorgio Gaslini. Generations later, DJ Nicola Conte from Bari began blending acid jazz with African and Brazilian bossa nova influences. That history lives on in Italy’s future jazz scene, with musicians who fuse the music to a host of electronic instruments and production methods, mixing it with footwork, gqom, trap, drum ‘n’ bass, reggaeton, dub, and cumbia.

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The Sonic Evolution of On the Corner Records

On the Corner

In 2007, Pete Buckenham was working late at night in the offices of Amnesty International when he heard the record that would change the direction of his life. “I was at my desk listening to Gilles Peterson’s show on the BBC, and he played The Steve Reid Ensemble’s Daxaar,” he recalls, fresh from another exploratory trip to Africa for On The Corner, the record label he founded in 2013. 

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