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Dirge: Indian Sludge-Metal Crew Evoke Aztec Gods To Vent Modern Outrage


Since at least Iron Maiden’s 1982 classic “Run to the Hills,” metal has had an ongoing lyrical preoccupation with the indigenous peoples of the Americas and their exploitation by colonizing forces. Anthrax famously bemoaned conditions on reservations on “Indians,” and artists like the Lenape duo Nechochwen and the bands of California’s Black Twilight Circle call on their indigenous Mexican heritage for lyrical inspiration. There’s plenty of commonality between the exploitation of the Americas and the colonization of the Indian subcontinent, which the young sludge band Dirge call home. On their audacious debut album, Ah Puch, the Mumbai-based outfit manage to draw a line between the two in a profound yet subtle way. It’s heavy as hell, but it’s never heavy-handed.  Continue reading

The Best Metal on Bandcamp: October 2018


October means Halloween, which means firing up the King Diamond, Helloween, Type O Negative, and leaning into metal’s gloriously cheesy side. If you get sick of that, there’s also a ton of great new metal out this month, including a comeback single by classic trad metal kings, grunge-tinged doom, and a new batch of ten-ton Matt Pike riffs.

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