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Lifetime Achievement: A Journey Into Diggs Duke’s Lofty Eclectic Soul Catalog

Diggs Duke

In our Lifetime Achievement series, Bandcamp Daily takes a deep dive into the work of artists with a staggering number of releases to their name.

Diggs Duke is an enigmatic figure, whose sporadic output and limited social media presence adds another layer of intrigue to his already-mysterious persona. Duke is a mostly self-taught multi-instrumentalist whose work mixes bebop and soul into fluid, shapeshifting art. His voice has a smoky, textured tone, recalling D’Angelo circa ’00. He also cares little for traditional release dates, dropping new projects or songs at a moment’s notice. As of this feature, Duke has 23 releases on his Bandcamp page; his most recent, Inkhenmet’s Journey to the City of Harmony, is a conceptual piece about Egyptian history.

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The Best New Soul on Bandcamp: July 2017


This month’s selection of soul goes far beyond the United States, extending all the way to Paris, through West Africa and back again, proving that great music doesn’t need a central language to evoke good feelings. Get ready to dance, reflect, and go back in time with Solan Rai, Sookie, and God’sHand, among others.

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The Best New Soul on Bandcamp: May 2017

Charlie Curtis-Beard

Charlie Curtis-Beard. Illustration by Gabriel Alcala.

Each month, we bring you the best new soul music on Bandcamp. Here, Skullkid and brandon* usher you into the summer, and Mel Alston Jr. and Emilee Strong remind us that we all catch romantic feelings (and eventually you have to sing about them). If these new releases are any indication, it’s time to shed the doldrums of winter and bask gleefully in the sun.

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