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Biggest Ups: Over 40 Artists Share Their Favorite Albums of 2017


Bandcamp artists pick their favorite albums of the year.

One of the features on Bandcamp Daily that generates the greatest amount of enthusiasm is Big Ups. The concept is simple: we ask artists who used Bandcamp to recommend their favorite Bandcamp discoveries. So, in honor of our Best of 2017 coverage, we decided to take Big Ups and super-size it. Here, more than 40 artists to tell us their favorite albums of the year.

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Dave Lombardo Returns to His Hardcore Roots with New Dead Cross Supergroup


Dead Cross is no ordinary punk band. For one thing, they’re fronted by Faith No More’s Mike Patton, who’s in top form as a vocal gymnast, spitting, squealing, harmonizing, and heaving his way through the band’s concise, intense debut album.

Supplying the quartet’s barrage of grinding bass and guitar riffs are Justin Pearson (of The Locust and Retox) and Mike Crain (also of Retox) who execute several frantic time changes per track as they sprint in tandem towards the record’s finish line.

Capping this off is the drumming prowess of none other than ex-Slayer skin-pounder Dave Lombardo. Returning to his hardcore roots, but with the added experience of knowing how to, “weed out the bullshit and focus on what’s important,” Lombardo’s peerless beats feel more urgent, brutal, and intricate than ever.

Patton, too, seems reinvigorated by the project. Given free rein to bawl his blessed lungs out about racy subjects like hookers, skinheads, and penile bleeding, Patton hasn’t sounded this stirred up and snotty since his collaboration with The Dillinger Escape Plan in 2002.

Lombardo has worked with Patton in the past, forging avant-garde metal together in the supergroup Fantômas. The drummer once said that if Pablo Picasso was a musician, he would sound like Fantômas. Dead Cross, he feels, is more like Jackson Pollock: “Very abstract, noisy, in-your-face, and complex. Some of his pictures are just like distortion on canvas and that’s how I see Dead Cross.”

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