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The Best Jazz on Bandcamp: July 2019


This is the best year for jazz ever. Do I say that every year? Maybe I do—but every year I mean it. Nevertheless, 2019 is sizing up to be something special for modern jazz and improvised music. How can you not toss around the phrase “golden age” when month after month, there are an outstanding array of new releases? This month’s selections—just a small part of a larger whole—provide heartening proof that jazz is not the sole province of just one generation or just one city. London to Brisbane to Johannesburg to Chicago to Barcelona to New York City to La Plata, Argentina… it’s the best year ever for jazz, everywhere.

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The Best Jazz on Bandcamp: May 2018

Best Jazz

This month’s column is a book of spells. The month of May in Jazz is a lesson plan on the different ways music can be used to enchant, hypnotize, captivate, and beguile. Each album that follows is an immersive experience. It’s not a question of whether or not you’ll sink into one of these recordings—it’s a question of how many will have that effect.

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