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On Her New EP, Miss Red Turns Inward

Miss Red

Photo by Itay Peleg

“I’m a very impulsive person,” says Sharon Stern, aka the Israeli MC Miss Red. “When this [part of my personality] comes through, I just want to fight somebody. I figured it’s better that I do it with myself, on the stage.”

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Album of the Day: Mina, “Flight Paths”

London-based producer Mina’s latest, Flight Paths, is a perfect summer soundtrack. After spending 18 months traveling through Spain, Ghana, Brazil, Peru, Jamaica, and America, Mina translates her travels into an album that fuses electronic Afrobeats and dancehall with the pounding bass of hip-hop. 

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Discover the Cutting-Edge Dancehall Sounds of the Mixpak Label


By the time the Brooklyn independent label Mixpak took the stage at the Red Bull Culture Clash in 2016, they had already established themselves as a favorite label among forward-thinking dancehall artists and fans. But Culture Clash was something different; as the biggest soundclash in the world (28,000 people turned out to watch the 2016 clash), it had the ability to make or break a crew’s reputation. Winning would put them on the map as fiercely competitive selectors, and the clash was a once-in-a-lifetime chance for the label’s producers and DJs to put their ingenuity front and center, going head-to-head with other world-renowned artists. Naturally, Mixpak wasn’t taking the opportunity lightly. They assembled a murderer’s row of artists and producers: label head Dre Skull, New York bass expert Jubilee, famed Kingston selector Tony Matterhorn, dancehall queen Spice, reggae and dancehall artist Kranium, and world-famous dancehall vocalist Popcaan. And then, they got to work.

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Album of the Day: Duppy Gun Productions, “Miro Tape”

Cameron “Sun Araw” Stallones and M. Geddes Gengras, with their droopy moustaches and bright print shirts, may look like archetypal laid-back L.A. scenesters—but both have a preposterous work ethic in a wide variety of sounds, including, lately, reggae. Since 2011, when they tracked down vintage Rasta vocal group The Congos in Portmore, Jamaica to make the album that would become Icon Give Thank, they have built an intimate relationship with the island and its music that puts dilettante appropriators of Jamaican music to shame. Continue reading