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Certified: Dana Jean Phoenix, Synthwave’s Ascendant Superhero


Certified is a series on Bandcamp where we spotlight artists whose work we think is worthy of additional attention.

A lot of synthwave musicians like to explore the idea of a “dystopian reality.” Not so Dana Jean Phoenix; the Toronto-based artist is more interested in bringing out the humanity in machines than lamenting the loss of our pre-internet years. She even named her keytar Jareth, and was devastated when he was briefly misplaced on tour in Europe earlier this year. “The airline lost him, and I felt like a part of me had been lost,” she says. “I hadn’t realized how important it had become to me. I feel like I’m flying when I’m playing Jareth—he is my superhero cape.”

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Ten Albums That Provide the Perfect Summer Synthwave Soundtrack

When people think of synthwave, they usually think of stern, shadowy acts like Perturbator or SURVIVE’s haunting Stranger Things score. But the genre isn’t all slashers and cyberpunk–—there are plenty of OutRun-influenced synth albums bright and pulsing enough that they make the perfect summer soundtrack.

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