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This Week’s Essential Releases: Classic Soul, Indie Pop, Hip-Hop, and More

7 essential

Welcome to the first 2018 edition of Seven Essential Releases, our look at the week’s crucial LPs and singles. And since the world of Bandcamp is so vast, we also include one killer release from the vaults that you may have missed the first time around.

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Album of the Day: Crater, “Unearth”

Seattle synth duo Crater have a thing for the witching hour. Their last album was called Talk to Me So I Can Fall Asleep, and at the outset of “Physical,” from their latest outing Unearth, Cecilia Gomez sings, “You’re the one I call at night / When it’s too late, and we’re the only ones awake.” Their music suits the mood: Talk to Me was a collection of hushed, throbbing songs where bubbling layers of electronics were augmented by ringing, slashing guitars, and clattering rhythms. Unearth, by contrast, is leaner and quieter. Most of its 11 songs contain little beyond Gomez’s aching alto and a bed of burbling, minor-key synths. When bandmate Kessiah Gordon’s guitars do appear, they’re so heavily treated they disappear into the electronics. The scaled-down approach suits the subject matter: most of Unearth deals with love, companionship, betrayal, and obsession, all of it expressed in language as bare and minimal as the arrangements surrounding them.

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