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The Best Electronic Music on Bandcamp: September 2019


It’s a fairly U.K.-heavy cast this month in this bumper roundup. In particular, some notable manifestations of particularly British forms: drum & bass, breakbeat rave, broken beat, and original, minimalist, sub-heavy dubstep.

But don’t worry, that doesn’t mean this music is parochial. Even these aforementioned records bring global influences from Lagos to Detroit, and create discombobulating new twists on the existing templates. And on top of these genre-specific releases, we’ve got more uncategorizable stuff from, among others: a Scotswoman in Zurich immersed in Chinese culture, a Missourian industrial-exotica experimenter from the ‘80s, two Frenchmen on an electro-sleaze mission, a Frenchwoman in Berlin completely redirecting contemporary and past underground currents, a Vancouver label gathering the weirdest of the global left field, and a Canadian techno overlord in his element. (OK, strictly speaking, Richie Hawtin is British by birth too, but if anyone is a world citizen by now it’s him…)

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The Best Electronic Music on Bandcamp: May 2019


In any genre, there are moments when it feels like all of the new albums are cohering around a unified sound—see last column’s rich seam of grime and grime-infused beats—and other moments where it feels like everyone is operating according to their own playbook. That’s the case this month, which offers techno-dancehall, electro-dub, Afrobeat-house, drum & bass, algorithmic post-classical, and velvety beats that exist somewhere between hip-hop and house. There’s also no shortage of noisy, wonky, and wonderfully weird one-offs.

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