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Inside Christopher Larkin’s Darkly Elegant “Hollow Knight” Score

Christopher Larkin

Anyone who’s ever dabbled in the Dark Souls franchise will notice some striking similarities upon firing up Hollow Knight. Between the game’s ominous, gothic overtones and punishing difficulty (it’s not uncommon for players to lose all of their hard-earned currency in mere seconds) the debut platformer from Australian game studio Team Cherry often feels like the side-scroller answer to Dark Souls’ demanding rabbit hole of intensity and commitment. But where Team Cherry’s Kickstarter triumph carves out its own identity is in its surprisingly approachable tone; taking place in the magnified insect kingdom of Hallownest, Hollow Knight balances its darkened lore and ruthless gameplay with lighthearted, charming characters and an ever-flowing overworld, creating a surprisingly accessible adventure out of the same brutal mechanics that often scare players away.  Continue reading