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Chris Zabriskie’s Underwater Adventure Game Soundtrack


A still from the game “Neptune Flux”

In 1998, the internet was still relatively young, but Chris Zabriskie was already taking advantage of the opportunities it created. Between starting a web-based label, creating music for digital distribution, and immersing himself in the burgeoning world of independently-created video games, Zabriskie was an early adopter of practices that have now become industry standard. He continues to explore these interests, even as technology continues to change the ways we interact with media. His minimalist compositions—breezy, uplifting drones—feel organic, tethered to a real world that may resemble our own. It’s no wonder that he would eventually end up scoring a video game.

Zabriskie’s soundtrack to the independently-released video game Neptune Flux arrived ahead of the game’s debut. Much like his previous releases, the soundtrack to Neptune Flux is the product of one man’s desire to create an authentic world that is both rich and lively. Zabriskie’s music is perfectly suited to the underwater adventure game, with a sound that mimics the rhythms of the deepest, darkest oceans.

Just like his previous albums, the Neptune Flux soundtrack is offered as a pay-what-you-want release. We chatted with Zabriskie about embracing creative gains over financial profits, and how scoring an adventure game was different from his previous efforts scoring films.

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