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Hidden Gems: Céu, “Tropix”


In our series Hidden Gems, writers share their favorite Bandcamp discoveries.

Céu knows how to conjure up a mood. Throughout her career, she’s been able to draw from a variety of influences—trip-hop, dub, samba—to flesh out the emotions of her evocative lyrics. On her fourth album Tropix, her tales are underpinned by an airtight, retrofuturistic take on lounge pop. Splashes of psychedelia warrant comparisons to Tropicália legends like Gal Costa, but Céu’s brand of Brazilian music most recalls the ‘90s, when artists like Marisa Monte, Adriana Calcanhotto, and Lenine broadened the scope of MPB beyond its mid-20th century beginnings. Tropix stands out within Céu’s discography and amongst her forebears for how austere it sounds; little here sounds bright and convivial—like the greyscale cover, these tracks exude a confidence that’s readily sourced to Céu’s alluring presence.

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