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Cemican Blend Indigenous Mexican Traditions with Metal Ferocity


As long as there’s been rock music, indigenous people have been making it. The 2018 documentary Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked The World filled in a lot of gaps, telling the stories of legendary Delta bluesman Charley Patton (believed to have Choctaw ancestry) and guitarist Link Wray, among others. Canadian musicians from Northern Haze to Digawolf help to keep their communities and languages vibrant. In the world of punk and metal, artists have honored their indigenous heritage while also embracing modern forms of sonic aggression. Brazil’s Sepultura collaborated with musicians from their country’s Xavante tribe on 1996’s Roots. The grindcore band Resistant Culture have been blending native instrumentation and militant environmental concerns with furious thrash for close to 20 years, while California’s Black Twilight Circle is a tight-knit collective of underground metal acts who incorporate pre-Columbian languages, instruments, and themes into their music.

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